Still On The Hill

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Ed Stilley at his Hogscald Holler Workshop

This is an excerpt from a video taken by David Rohr in 2001.  It is the only footage that we know of that documents Ed Stilley while he was still working in his Hogscald Holler Workshop and includes Ed performing a song on one of his guitars.  David Rohr’s grandmother, Fanny Prickett, helped raise Ed Stilley.  

Still on the Hill – Take Me to the Other Side

An epic tale of the great crossing, the song is based on an early account of Ed Stilley being called to make the instruments and give them away (as told to Still on the Hill in 1987).  The duo performs on the violin Ed built for Donna and the magnificent Butterfly Guitar given to Kelly.  This is an intimate version of the song shot in their home studio.

Still on the Hill’s Ed Stilley Presentation & Sample Video

In this short video, the folk duo Still on the Hill, introduce Ed Stilley and his fabulous creations.  Kelly and Donna discuss the traveling presentation they have made available as of January 2016 in support of their book True Light, True Faith—The Devotional Art of Ed Stilley.  The presentation is self-contained and can be customized to fit into any venue.  Here are the basic ingredients:

  • A live performance with Still on the Hill.  The show includes fascinating stories and original songs about Ed Stilley performed on his instruments.
  • Seven Ed Stilley instruments displayed on stands (with one mounted on a pedestal for an unforgettable hand’s on experience)
  • Various artifacts from Ed Stilley’s workshop that help demonstrate his most unconventional approach to instrument making.
  • Large X-ray prints of each of the displayed instruments (on easels).
  • Historic black and white photographs of Ed Stilley at his Hogscald Holler homestead (also on easels).
  • A book signing for True Faith, True Light—The Devotional Art of Ed Stilley.