Still On The Hill

ozarkinfolk duo


Still on the Hill Live
performed by Still on the Hill (2002)

The Cuckoo
Live #1, Traditional

Gonna build me, a log cabin ... on a mountain so high
So I can see Nelly, everytime she goes by
Hmmm Hmmmmm Hmmmm Oh Oh Oh OH

The cuckoo she's a pretty bird, don't I wish she was mine
She never drank water, she always drank wine
Hmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmm Oh Oh OH OH

Jack of diamonds, Jack of diamonds
Well, I know you of old. You robbed my poor pockets
Of their silver and gold
Hmmmm Hmmmm Hmmm Oh oh OH OH

Well I play cards in England, I've played cards in Spain
I'll bet you 5 dollars, I'll beat you in this game
Hmmmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmm Oh OH OH

The Cuckoo she's a pretty bird,
She warbles when she flies, she never hollers cuckoo
Till the Fouth of July
Hmmmm Hmmmmmm Hmmmm Oh oOh oh

Ballad of Otis and Ocie
Live #2, Lyrics by Jason Harmon
Music by Kelly Mulhollan

Daddy Otis they say slaved his life at the mill
just to make sure his children could eat
Miss Ocie they say she could dance all night,
gave it up for the lord, preacher man gave her fright.
Together they lived, raised their kids on the land
put their faith in the word while their hopes slipped like sand

Well Otis and Ocie, they lived in a shack,
with an old gray mule, she lived out back,
in a barn that once caught fire, they raised their chickens and corn
and when Willie Sue was born, it was hard to feed so many mouths.
So Otis he worked with his hands on the earth
To keep his family from starving

Daddy Otis he'd sneak to the dance for a drink
and stayed there all night dreaming
Miss Ocie she'd wait and rely on her faith
to keep him from the depths of abandon.
They worked every day in a desperate way
as only people living on dreams can ... 
and one day they tell, Daddy Otis he fell
and left Miss Ocie there a crying
With 4 kids alone she would make their home
Wishing and praying and a dreaming

Miss Ocie one night awoke to the sight
Of her grandmother's ghost by her side
"Miss Ocie" she said, "You can't bring back the dead,
so why are you laying there crying? Go hop the next train
help ease the pain, of your niece living over in Sharpsburg.
Her brother is bad and it's making me sad,
knowing that he's doing Sissy wrong."

Otis worked the Mill but he soon had his fill
of cutting them forests into lumber.
But he never did stop till his heart it did stop
and he left his family forever
Miss Ocie lives on but her minds almost gone,
on a good day she knows her own name.
In a bed in a room, she lives in the gloom
wondering when the good lord will take her.

They lived by the word but they never had heard
of living their lives for the moment.
Now Otis is gone, but his memory lives on
in the frail, empty shell that is Ocie

These Two Arms
Live #4
Words & Music Donna Mulhollan

If I had a magical lamp, with a genie at my command
I'd use my 3 wishes right now, to make you mine
And if I had a harp of gold, like one from the legends old
My songs of love would take, your breath away

But I have no magic, no secret spell, no super power, no wishing well
I have no mojo ... no good luck charm ... only these two arms

If I had an amulet, with a potion of love in it
I'd tie it around your neck, to make you stay
And if my Persian rug could fly, I'd take you up into the night
On a blanket of stars we'd make love; high above

If the fountain of youth were mine, and I'd live till the end of time
Without you by my side, I'd rather grow old
And if I had the wings of an owl, I'd silently fly right now
Straight to your cabin door, I would soar ...

Round Barn
Live #6
Words & Music Donna Mulhollan

Mama taught me bible verses from the book
everyday I learned another one by wrote
especially ones that talked about forbidden love.
what a mortal sin that it was,
but the devil never came around
when I was in your arms,
as long as we were lovin' in the Round Barn

We would shout, "Get away Devil, stay out,
there's no corners here for you to hide in,
stay away Satan," we would scream
from our bed of straw so warm ... .
thank God the Devil never enters a
round barn.

Papa said there's hell to pay, If I fooled around
before I tied the knot and settled down
but I was full of brimstone, passion and fire.
No way I could quench, this desire
but the Devil never came around
when I was in your arms
long as we were lovin' in the Round barn.

Sister said she'd never tell, if I'd just obey
every little thing she had to say.
I had to do her homework
every night of the week
when the sun went down out back I'd sneak
I could feel the devil watching me
as I ran through the dark,
couldn't wait to get inside the round barn

Another Person's Master
Live #7
Words & Music Kelly Mulhollan

Just because your parents have money,
that don't mean that you'll wind up
in the land of milk and honey ... 
slide off the track and lo and behold
you'll find yourself busting rocks
and doing what you're told
and you learn to live on what they pay
but, I for one ... prefer it that way
given the arrangement, may I never
be tempted, from the golden rule
I'll not be exempted

You can cheat me with low wages
you can make me work faster
but don't ask me to be
another person's master

It's a might fine line that you cross
when you take $10 an hour
and you act like a boss.
For a few dollars more you'll be breathing
down the backs, of the people who now
serve you and the friends that you
now lack, and you might start to
think you deserve it.
If you're a real good boy your career
could move ahead. There'll always
be some sucker that gets the short end
of the stick, there'll always be someone
busting rocks with a pick (refrain)

Well, I know we all could do better.
That the world is our oyster, we can
make it what we will.
We can wallow in resentment or we
can build our own prisons.
But don't expect sympathy,
cuz nobody's listening..
they're all too busy fending for
themselves, they're trying to climb
the ladder and accumulate some wealth.
Like they taught us back in school
may the best person win.
That life's a competition and the
enemy is your friend..hey I'm
not trying to make trouble, but the
choice is mighty grim, when the
only option given is to sink or
to swim (refrain)

My Cowboy
Live #8
Words & Music Donna Mulhollan

He taught me how to Polka, taught me how to swing
When I was just a kid, he taught me how to sing
Oh he taught me, My Cowboy

He taught me how to saddle up a pony and ride
How to rope the wind and keep it inside
Oh he taught me, My cowboy

Yippee Yi Oh, I howl like a coyote
Yippee Yi Oh, oh why did you go???
My Cowboy

He was always like a brother, more than just a friend
If I knocked upon his door he'd always let me in
Oh he taught me, My Cowboy

And even when his world was crashing down
He always wore a smile and never a frown
Oh he taught me, My Cowboy

And even in this darkest hour, inside of my heart
There blooms a flower, of memory
For My Cowboy
And though his departure brought me pain
All that he taught me must remain
Oh he taught me, My Cowboy

Time for a Change
Live #9
Words & Music by Donna Mulhollan

Gonna buy some red boots, the cowboy kind
Die my hair to match Ôem and drink white wine
Gonna get a tattoo on the side of my hip
Call in sick for the sake of it
I know my man's gonna think I'm strange
Time for a change

Time for a Change
Turn my world around
Time for a Change
Inside out and upside down

Gonna learn about things that would shock my Ma
Speak out about Ôem , just like my Pa
Gonna do what I want, where and when
Find a new religion ... something kinda Zen
I know my man's gonna think I'm strange
Time for a change.

Gonna walk on the left, swim against the tide
Time to explore my other side
I'm tired of acting the way I've been
Gonna widen my horizon
I know my man's gonna think I'm strange
Time for a change.

Ballad of the Landlord
Live #10
Lyrics by Langston Hughes
Music by Kelly Mulhollan

Landlord, Landlord
My roof has sprung a leak
Don't you remember I told you about it
Way last week?

Landlord, Landlord
These steps is broken down
When you come up here yourself
It's a wonder you don't fall down
It's a wonder you don't fall down

Ten bucks, you say I owe you
Ten bucks you say is due
Well that's ten bucks more than I'll pay you
Till you fix this house up new

What? You gonna get eviction orders?
You gonna cut off my heat?
You gonna take my furniture
And throw it in the street, and throw it in the street

Um-huh? You talk so high and mighty
Talk on till you get through
You ain't gonna be able to say a word
If I lay my fist on you

Policeman, policeman
Come and get this man
He's trying to ruin the government
And overturn the land ... and overturn the land

Man threatens landlord
Tenant held no bail
Judge gives Negro,
90 days in the county jail
90 days in the county jail
90 days in the county jail

White Tailed Deer
Live #11
Native American lyric
Music Kelly Mulhollan

Down from the house of magic
Down from the house of magic
Blow the wind from my antlers
And my ears they strongly gather

Over there I ran trembling
Over there I ran trembling
For a bow and arrow pursued me
Many bow were on my trail
Many bow were on my trail

What horse is trying to catch me?
What horse is trying to catch me?
A horse with a star forehead
Now slowly gains upon me
Now slowly gains upon me

We are gathered here together
We are gathered here together
Sing the song of the east
Sing the song of the west
Sing the song of the west
Sing the song of the west

Two Tone Town
Live #13
Words & Music Donna Mulhollan

Ever feel as flat as words on a page?
Only Black & White, day after day....
Do you know what I'm talkin about?
Do you hear what I say?

it's a two tone day...nothin but grey
It's a two tone and white
It's a two tone town with the shades pulled down
around my heart....around my heart.

I feel like I'm somewhere in Kansas just before the storm
wishing I had shelter, some place to keep me warm
Clinging to a basket of dreams that I own,
Not known' where I'm goin'....just runnin away from home
The sky swirls around me, I'm twistin' like a gale
Thunder crashes down, bringing with it hail
If I knew the way to Oz, I wouldn't sing these blues
But my world is black & white...and I've lost my ruby shoes

Verse 2

I feel like I'm in a re-runs...of a movie late at night
Sometimes I'm Dr. Jeckel, sometimes I'm Mr. Hyde
I'm always the maiden who gets it in the end
There's always a train wreck up around the bend
I'm the damsel in distress, tied up to the track
Waiting for my hero, some Zoro dressed in black
to push aside the clouds and bring a sunny day
but my world is B&W and the stranger rides away.

Smitty's Song
Live #15
Words & Music Donna Mulhollan

Old men at the bar, they all ask for Faded Love
They smell like cigarettes and bar room gin
I swear I see Daddy in their cloudy eyes
So I pretend I'm playing it for him
I go on breathing in their second hand smoke
Till my lungs are full and eyes are red
I close them for a moment, holding back the tears
And imagine Daddy singing, once again

Faded Love Oh Faded Love
I hear Daddy singing in my mind
Notes fly from my fiddle, like ghosts from the past
Trying to recall each tender line
Of Faded Love

Now once again I'm up on the stage
I tremble as my bow meets the strings
I fancy that Daddy is out in the crowd
And I play as if he were listening

Live #16
Words & Music Donna Mulhollan

Doors ... they can open, they can close
depending on the weave and the wealth of your robes.
Doors ... can let you in or shut you out ... 
depending on your status, depending on your clout!
Doors ... they.can swing open wide,
if you've got youth and beauty on your side
Doors ... they can slam in your face,
depending on your creed, depending on your race.

Doors made of gold, Doors made of wood
Doors to the chapel, Doors to the hood
Doors made of bars, Doors made of glass
Open the doors, let everyone pass.

Doors ... barely open when your old
if your screen is tattered and your hinges won't hold.
Doors ... they can close around you, they can close real tight
if your world is darker than the blackest night.
Doors ... they can lock you up,
if you simply march to a different drum.
Doors ... should have a gold key ... 
accessibility to everybody.

Doors made of paper, Doors made of steel
Doors to the office of the man who makes the deal
Take the door to the elevator, headed for the top
pray no one cuts the cord that makes the elevator drop!

Doors ... barely open again ... 
when their windows are busted and they've been kicked in.
Doors ... spin you round and round and round about
if there ain't no in and there ain't no out.
Doors ... lead to heaven or hell
depending on the book you read and if you read it well
Doors ... they should swing open wide,
let everybody, everybody inside.

Jazz Dancer
Live #19
Words & Music by Donna Mulhollan

I shoulda been a brick layer, I built walls thick and wide
Strong enough to keep everyone, on the outside
I'd climb up in my tower, tie my hair up in a knot
To keep love from climbing it and finding my weak spot

Oooooh oooohhh oohhhh ooooohhhh ohhll

Well, I shoulda been an escape artist, cuz man I sure can hide
These chains around my heart, keep me locked away inside
I'm merely an illusion, using tricks of the trade ... 
A little smoke and mirrors, I can keep up my charade

Oooooohh ooooohhhh oooooooo etc

Well, I shoulda been a prize fighter, I'm good a keeping up my guard
I try to get my punches in, so I won't fall so hard
Love stays clear of me cuz I've wounded him before
He's counting up to 10 as I lie there on the floor ...

Oooooohhh oooooooohhhh etc

I shoulda been a jazz dancer, with wings on my heels
Living every moment and loving how it feels
Kicking down those walls of brick with my dancing shoes
Waltzing down which ever, path that I choose

I shoulda been a JAZZ DANCER Ooooooh part