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ozarkinfolk duo

Ozark: A Celebration in Song


Ozark: A Celebration in Song


Released 2008.

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The songs on this CD are about the amazing folks and places we've grown to know and love. For over a decade we have been exploring the Ozarks in an unusual way. During every concert we would ask our audience if there was anybody living in the hills nearby that were worthy of a song written about them. This method of excavation turned up more jewels than we could ever fit on this recording.

We are hoping that this project will contribute in some important way to the ongoing living tradition that is still alive and well but hidden throughout the region. Our modern society, fueled by television, has homogenized our culture, yet it seems the hills will always possess the power to create colorful characters that continue to find their own way through the maze of progress. It's the unsung heroes of the Ozarks that best reflect what makes these hills distinctive and we hope that by telling their stories in song, we will be nurturing an ongoing tradition.

This project was made possible by an Arkansas Heritage grant in conjunction with Jones Television. Sales of this CD and accompanying booklet (in Arkansas ) will help to provide banjos, fiddles and guitars for rural, underserved children though "Play it Again, Arkansas".

Hope you enjoy this project as much as we enjoyed creating it.