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Still a river

Still On The Hill's new Still a River CD and concert series.

On the heels of their widely acclaimed Once A River Project, the Ozark duo Still On The Hill has created a similar project to celebrate the rich history of the Buffalo River. Still A River is the duo's brand new CD of original songs about the River's people and history. 

The project was funded by family, friends, and fans of the River and consists of a series of FREE community concerts, with FREE CDs given away at each performance. 

The project would not have been possible without the administrative support of the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance, the Ozark Society Foundation, or the anonymous donor of a generous matching grant that allowed us to meet our goals. 

See the schedule on Still on the Hill's homepage for upcoming concert dates! 

"Still On The Hill are modern-day bards, carrying on the ancient tradition of storytelling in song. They know that using music is a powerful way to direct people's attention."  
-Dreama Phoenix-Outreach Manager for Still a River


We are grateful for your support!