Still on the Hill

March 2013

Greetings Still on the Hillers!!!

Spring is rearing her head in our garden, little yellow crocus are poking up here and there. Kelly's Mom bought us a zillion daffodil bulbs and we planted them last fall. Can't wait for them to erupt.

A couple weeks ago I was feeling quite down and helpless about Climate Change and in my desperation I began to make collages/letters to send to Obama. After sending him several, I realized I needed to document this journey of mine and I set up a BLOG.

Now I want to get all the school kids in our area to draw groovy pictures of the earth and write Earth Day letters to go with it, then have an EXHIBIT (of their art/letters) and CONCERT for the Earth (on Earth day) and then mail all the letter/pictures to the White House! YEAH.

I hope you will take the time to visit my blog now and then and maybe even spread the word.

Here is the link:

Earthfully yours,
Donna and Kelly
Still on the Hill

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