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Hi Friends!

I know...I's be AGES since we have posted a Newsletter! So sorry...too much to tell in this one Newsletter. Kelly and I got OFFICIALLY hitched on Earth Day and my last name is now MULHOLLAN. Stjerna was just too difficult for folks to pronounce!

The one thing we really want to share with each of you is our new PATREON adventure. It's a cool video 'fan club' of sorts. (Remember those FUN old fashioned Fan Clubs??? Fun Fun Fun) It's simple and USER FRIENDLY.

In a NUTSHELL: Twice a month we post a VIDEO of us in our Ozark Ball Museum showing off one of our SPHERES and then we sing a song that has NOT ever been recorded.
You pay PER VIDEO ANY AMOUNT you want to! The base amount is $1 per video ($2 per month) but you could donate more if so's like a tip.
Only our "PATRONS" get to view the offerings. You can interact with us...AND we will throw a PATRON PARTY here at the Ball Museum this fall. Also you can drop or change your pledge at ANY TIME...really.

It's really special to us for THREE REASONS:
1) We get to interact with our family, friends and fans in an intimate way
2.) Our son Taylor is our 'videographer' and so we get to spend some quality time with him. LOVE IT.
3.) We are getting to PRESERVE these songs that are getting LOST in the shuffle...sort of an HEIRLOOM for us.
4.) We get to be REALLY SILLY...these videos are LOW TECH and HOMEY! (Oooops, that's 4 reasons)

So go to our website and click on the Patreon Icon at the bottom of our homepage OR go directly to and then type in the box for 'artist' Still on the Hill to go to our page and set up an account! They take Paypal or Credit Cards.

We REALLY wanna hang out with you all....our FOLK FAMILY.

P.S. We also have a new CD called ONCE A RIVER that we are so excited about. You can read about it on our site as well. We are not selling it ON LINE at all...if you want a copy simply send $12 snail mail to 885 N. Fritz Dr. Fayetteville, AR 72701 and we will pop one in the mail for you! Hope you are having a FANTASTIC summer. Life is GOOD.

Donna and Kelly
Still on the Hill

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